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Agrisetu offers a unique digital platform, where stake holders from all across the different verticals of Agriculture will be benefitted in terms of access to Agri-information, view Agri inputs scenario, market linkages and skill development. The e-Platform could be accessed through Agrisetu app & Website designed by highly qualified professionals, where ease of access has been kept in mind from Farmer to Agri Scientists.

Agrisetu will invite Research Institute, KVKs, Government departments, bloggers, Research scholar, Interns and Practitioner to form their own individual groups to assist farmers.

Applications features like Live chat and videos will help in conducting trainings and online meetings for groups and individuals.

It will also provide a platform to connect with the stakeholders of their interest and agriculture practices.

Knowledge and experience sharing platform for the farmers and all stakeholders related to agriculture and farm-based activities.

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Why Agrisetu

The Best Smartphone App For the Farmers

Agrisetu is addressing these problems by creating a smartphone application platform for the farmers where they will get an opportunity to connect among other farmers and also to customers and business owners.

Agrisetu is also providing an online learning, training and information platform for farmers where they can learn about new technologies, government schemes and many more.

Agrisetu is a user-friendly application for the farmers.

Agrisetu is bridging the gap between agriculture-based information databases to small marginal farmers by creating both forward and backward market linkages.

Agrisetu is an application designed for every stakeholder associated with agriculture and allied activities.

Agrisetu is improving marketing extension and improving physical infrastructure by providing training and capacity building for its farmers.

Agrisetu is creating a networked online environment for between customer and farmers where it provides a digital platform that facilitate meeting and interacting with customers, scientist or fellow practitioner; including discussion boards, social media platforms, networked and online video sites and blogging sites, among others.

What’s We Provides

Our Features

Group (Agrisetu Meet)

Agrisetu Group can help farmers, Agri-scientist, Agri-students and Agri - Industries to create or connect to a particular of their interest. Agriculture traning modules could be uploaded based upon regional specificities in the form of Live meet or training, audio, video and e- literature.

Agrisetu Trade

Agrisetu business Page is a free way for Agri-businesses, brands, organisations to reach their audience. While Agrisetu profiles can be private, Pages are public. Google may index your Page, making it easier for people to find you.

Crop safety

This section of the App is meant for issuing advisories and alerts regarding crops and activities. This advisory and alerts are based on research undertaken by experts and scientists of the agricultural domain.

Mandi Update

Agrisetu Portal will ensure the authenticated information for pricing and reliable buyers, so that farmers can evaluate pros and cons and can take decision to sell the crops directly to buyers or can negotiate the prices with local buyers. A separate portal can display the dynamic changes in price trends of various agricultural commodities cultivated in India.

Weather Update

Agrisetu will display weather forecast data. Weather plays an important role in agricultural production. It has a profound influence on the growth, development and yields of a crop, incidence of pests and diseases, water needs and fertiliser requirements. Weather data From Agrisetu Application will strengthen farmers in decisive action related to agriculture.

Govt Scheme

Information on Government circulars for subsidies, person to contact, forms to be filled, would be made available, tailored to the Crops cultivated and the geography. Example Government subsidised crop insurance programs, usually through village agricultural cooperatives, subsidies for farm inputs, minimum support prices announced and procurement centres, etc.


e-Magazine-Agrisetu will club all National and International Agri related magazines, papers, articles and blogs available to its users. Users can choose the subject material based upon the need, and all language preference.

Soil Testing

Information will be uploaded in local languages, explaining the importance of soil testing, and how this testing is done. Information will give comprehensive coverage for Procedures for taking samples, for soil testing. Contact details of Government offices and staff who can assist in soil testing.

Agri Gyan

Agri Gyan are a new way to create short, Agri entertaining videos, get discovered by new audiences and be part of Agri moments on Agrisetu. Effects and music can be added to your reel or use your own original audio, allowing you to bring your ideas to life and share them with your audience.

AgriSetu data collection tool

AgriSetu data collection tools are integral to secure and reliable research. AgriSetu data collection tool feature-rich data collection software that gives you accurate reports and a comprehensive review so that you can refine the data to gather information. Collecting data allows you to store and analyze information about various things that could help make changes to your business.

Agri Calender

Agri calendar or an Agricultural Calendar is an essential part of a farmer's knowledge base toolkit. A Crop Calendar helps a farmer to identify the crop lifecycle, management, and practices of the crop he's going to grow.

Agri Blogs

Agrisetu present detailed blogs that talk about all aspects of farming. Learn about the secrets of the trade, farming tips, and better your yield manifold.Agrisetu provides News updates on Agriculture, Farming & Food Processing in India.

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